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Everything You Want Is Really Jewish

Based on the book!

Engaging. Thought-Provoking. Inspirational. Fun. Perfect kick-off event. Great for new groups.

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Music and Spirituality

Based on the book!

Music is spiritual. Find out how. Learn about the universal language of music, how it transcends the intellect, and how it works with your intuition. Also learn about the obvious - but never discussed - links between spirituality, music, relationships, prayer, and so much more.

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How To Be A Good Great Person

Three great classes. Deep ideas. Laugh a lot too.

- Self-Awareness: Personal inventory is the first step to greatness. Find out how to do it. | See the video
- Self-Motivation: You can be great if you aren’t self-motivated. Learn how to get motivated.
- Be Detail Oriented: The devil is in the details. Find him and harness his power.

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Givers and Takers

One class or three. Great inspirational evening. Transformative Shabbaton.

- Don’t Forget To Say Thank You: Harnessing the Power of Appreciation for Happiness and Success | See the video
- Everybody Prays: Why You Won’t Find Atheists in Foxholes | See the video
- Spiritual Temperament: 3 Spiritual Personalities. Which type are you? | See the video

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A Very Special Chulent

Two great classes. Book one or book both.

- Shabbos, the Fourth Commandment: You won’t find a better introduction to Shabbos
- Meaning and Spirituality: What is the meaning of life? Simple tools for the most difficult question.

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Discover This

Based on the book!

Book a single class, the entire seminar, 1-hour, 2.5-hour, and full-day options.

Yes multimedia for all presentations!


- Know it!

Distinguish between faith and knowledge. Free your mind. The ultimate first step.


- Seven Wonders

Get wowed. Jewish History as you never imagined. And all of it discussed before it happened. Empowering and inspiring. Amazing stand-alone presentation.


- Bible Codes

Chance? Design? See the evidence and decide for yourself. You may agree, you may not, but you won’t be bored.


- A Funny Thing Happened on the Way from Mt. Sinai

National revelation like you never imagined. Read more


- Control

The ultimate paradigm shift. Nazis in the Book of Esther. .

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High Schools!

Tell It Like It Is: Straight Talk About Negiah and Intimacy

Frank. Honest. Relevant. For all groups, especially great for boys.

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Incredible Programs for Kids


Engaging. Entertaining. Informative. Interactive. And Songs Too.
For kids ages 7 – 11.

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- The Glue Factor: The Sticky Secret of Campus Recruiting

Based on the book!

Featured at AJOP. Learn to generate word-of-mouth in your community or on your campus.

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- Get Out of Town!

Run the off campus program of your dreams.

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- Talking Points.

9 tools for effective communication.

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Pleasure 101.

Yes multimedia!

Featured Jerusalem Online University presentation (formerly Aish Café). 5 Levels of Pleasure. Life Changing. Hysterical. Great for an evening or in conjunction with other programs.

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Pleasure 102.

Yes multimedia!

Prefect follow-up to Pleasure 101 or as stand-alone. Harness your potential and maximize your power to choose.

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