Look at what students, campus professionals, and people like you have to say about Tzvi:
"Tzvi is one of the most engaging speakers I've ever seen." - Justin Newman, University of Florida

"[Tzvi is] hip, funny and captivating." - Dan Lozovatsky, AEPi, Northeastern University
 "[Tzvi] draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding his own unique spin which makes even the deepest concepts accessible to everyone." - Joel Mirkin, Boston University
"Tzvi's knowledge is encyclopedic and he is able to engage the most diverse array of listeners." - Daniel Balson, Cornell University
"I paid to bring [Tzvi] to Washington University for several lectures... [His] talks always attract a wide range of people, and have the ability to inspire." - Adam Weinberg, Washington University, St. Louis
"Tzvi seamlessly weaves thought-provoking commentary into a highly entertaining narrative." - Abbie Zamcheck, Harvard University

"Every time he speaks, Tzvi literally brings to life the material that he's covering." - Joseph Jaspan, Brandeis University

"Tzvi has this innate ability to connect to his audience, leaving a listener provoked, inspired, entertained, and - frankly - a changed person." - Jonathan Krisch, Georgetown Law School
"[Tzvi] speaks with clarity and enthusiasm, conveying his message effectively and often humorously." - Jessica Rosenfeld, Harvard University

"[Tzvi's] ability to keep his listener engaged is a unique trademark of his lectures. He tailor fits every point, every anecdote so that the audience is totally clued in to what he is saying, without leaving anyone behind." - Dani Brodsky, Binghamton University
"Watching [Tzvi] interact with his students is truly uplifting." - Rabbi Bentzy Schechter, Afikim Foundation
 "[My sorority was] blown away by Tzvi's relaxed presence, enthusiasm and humor. He's still a memorable speaker and we would be thrilled to have him back again soon." - Dana Brown, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Northeastern University
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