Book A Full Day Training Event!

It doesn't matter if you are a campus veteran, looking for ways to fire up your staff, need to train your student leaders and volunteers, or you are new to campus - my full day training event will dramatically transform your campus operation.

You get a ton of valuable information at a fraction of the cost.  Look at how much you get!

You get my three amazing programs (click on the links to see the long detailed lists of how much you gain from each of these programs):
  • The Glue Factor - an 11-point system that will dramatically transform the way you recruit new students and retain the students you already have.  Click here to learn more!
  • Talking Points - an interactive workshop that will show you how to effectively get your message across to college students, simultaneously stimulating word-of-mouth recruitment and initiating long-term loyalty.  Click here to learn more!
  • Get Out of Town! - Run the off-campus program of your dreams (including weekend retreats, spring break get-aways, 10-28 day programs away, overseas programs, over-nighters, and more).  No stone is left unturned - recruitment, budgets, logistics, follow-up, working with outside vendors, staff training, crises management, and so much more!  Click here to learn more!
You get all my materials - workbooks and work-packets - chock-full of extra reading material, resources, and useful information. Plus - you get a full day to ask all your questions and time to talk about specific issues that are unique to your organization.

I guarantee that you will not be bored and you will not be overwhelmed!  I go the extra mile to make sure that my full day training event is engaging, fun, and interactive.  You don't just get a ton of amazing information, you get a memorable event and your team will thank you for booking me.

You Save a Ton of Money.

Because it is so much easier for me to come out once for a full day training event (as opposed to multiple times), I give you a massive discount.  Not only that, but you save on the cost of my modest expenses as well (paying once is a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for multiple trips).  And I throw in all my materials and other goodies for free - at no extra charge to you.  

And you can save even more money!

I am happy to come and spend a full day with you whenever you want me, but it works best for my schedule if you book me for the beginning of the week.  Therefore, if you book a full day for either a Sunday or a Monday, I will knock an additional $500 off the cost of my already massively discounted full day event!

Book me now or email me at for more information.  Looking forward to seeing you on campus!
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